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Find Your Kink

I was brought up so conservatively that I never even entertained the notion of kinky sex in my mind, to myself, while being alone with only my own company. It seemed to have been suppressed at an early stage purely by my upbringing.

I was in my early thirties already when sheer circumstances and the fact that I was an adult and felt free to ask some questions, that I realised that it’s not some dark creepy stuff practised only by weirdos but that it was completely normal and that just about everyone had a fetish or preference of some sort besides vanilla sex.

Some things may be regarded as not far off the beaten path and for some it might be more niche, but if you take a moment to be honest with yourself and explore a little with an open mind, one without judgement, you are inclined to find yours.

It turned out that rope-work was a bigger one for me and I have sadly not yet had the opportunity to pursue it. It really doesn’t help being an introvert either.

At least I did save 56% with a Kink discount and can explore it more that way.

It’s Kinky Shower-Time at Tainster

Some people like to worship feet, some enjoy getting tied up, perhaps you enjoy getting whipped until your have purple welts on your ass. We all enjoy different things, some perhaps arguably more kinky than others but the point is, who are we to judge. We like things because we like them, there doesn’t have to be a specific reason because there seldom is.

If you like getting pissed on, doing the pissing on or even just watching then this is the site for you – Pissing in Action.

This site is brought to us by Tainster who is renowned for pushing the envelope and not afraid to take a step away from vanilla or mainstream porn. They are extremely successful and the quality of their work is amazing.

The beauty of taking on a Pissing in Action discount is that you get every other site in the network thrown in for free, 15+  sites all for the price of one. $9.95 for a 30-day pass to be exact… an absolute steal.

Interracial Porn and More

She has rather unique facial features doesn’t she?

I have no idea what her name is and I have never seen her before else I would have remembered, but if I had to take a very wild guess I would say she is from Eastern Europe, Russia or the Ukraine.

She has a beautiful body and an amazing pair of tits. Those nipples, my gawd, I could lick and suck on those forever.

You can get Black4k for as little as $5 per month with this discount which quite frankly is a steal.

Not only is it a site of its own but it is also the name of the network which produces it and the work of 4 more sites to which your membership buys you complete access.

What’s nice is that each site caters for a different genre giving you many more choices and chances to cater for your mood on the day.

I Almost Dropped My Load at the Homepage

They said “save 67% on Sapphix with our discount offer” and that certainly seemed worth an investigation. I thought my heart was going to leave my chest for an instant there as that feeling of overwhelming surprised smacked me right in the chest.

You’d swear it was my first rodeo and I tell you, I enjoy porn just as much as the next guy, this one caught me off guard. If you think you can do better, have a go.

From some erotic conversation with the fairer sex about porn I have been made to believe that girl-on-girl action is very popular for them too. So ladies, you’ll have just as much at the Sapphix network.

The scenes are so hot and the models are spectacular. Where do they even find all of these gorgeous girls?